The Generation of Smart Cooking

Our ancestors were the ones who discovered the science of cooking. Along with the evolution of human and other living beings, even the process of cooking has evolved. From cooking in a stove and using coal for the process, to using induction cookware, the human race has been the witness of the evolving technology. The modern method of using an induction cooker for cooking meals has been of great use to the people all over the world. The smart cooking technology has been able to help humans and nature in many ways.

The Generation of Smart Cooking


The recent invention of induction cooking has gained a lot of popularity for various reasons. One of the foremost reasons being that is it does not create any pollution. Induction cooker is energy efficient as they don’t require gas or LPG for the process of cooking. They works on electricity and makes sure that no pollutants are released into the environment through the device.


The engineers are even trying to make an induction cooker which can work on solar energy so that it can be easily accessed by people living in villages, where electricity is scarce. Induction cooker is considered to be energy efficient as they consume less power which makes sure that the electricity bills are not high as in the case of a conventional heater. With less consumption of energy, induction cooker can even be used by an ordinary man.


With non-stick induction cookware, the speed of cooking in induction cooker increases. The use of induction heater only requires electricity and a specific cookware. With an induction cooker, it has become a lot easier to prepare meals within a short interval of time. All the type of cooking processes like boiling, grilling, frying and other means are already installed in the induction cooker. A person only has to select the mode of cooking and then initiate in the procedure.


One more advantage is that in an induction cooker a timer is also provided. A person can select the time according to the mode of cooking and can do other chores while the induction cooker does its work. The induction cookware which is specially designed for this type of cooking is made in such a way that the person does not have to worry about the damage or cleaning of the cookware much.


With less consumption of electricity, the induction cooker is also considered safe for children. As no gas or LPG is used for induction cooker, there is a minimal chance of children having any accidents due to the induction cooker. When a person forgets to turn off the regulator of the LPG, there is a high risk of accident due to gas explosion or even a child can turn on the gas and that can cause severe burns.


With an induction cooker, such risks can be avoided as it works on electricity. Another advantage of such a cooking process is that a person does not feel fatigue easily. With no flames and no heat, a person won’t get sweaty or exhausted while cooking a meal even during a hot summer afternoon. Induction cooker works on the principle of electromagnetic activity.


The non-stick induction cookware ensures that the food does not get burned or even damage the utensils.  Induction cooker does not require much cleaning and maintenance as much as a normal heater or gas cooker does. One has to clean the heater or a gas cooker regularly so that no spots or oil is there. In an induction cooker, a person does not have to worry much about spilled oil or spots because of the control that comes along with the process. With the help of the timer provided, there is less chance of making the cooker dirty.


Even one does not have to worry about sticky or greased utensils as the cookware that is designed for the induction cooker is non-stick cookware which makes it a lot easier to clean. Moreover, induction cooker is of great help to those who love cooking and for also people who don’t know how to cook, as it makes it a lot easier to prepare with the modern technology provided. With so many operations, a person who does not know how to cook can use an induction cooker as the activities are elementary and understandable and it makes the process of cooking a lot simpler.

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