Essential Smoker Accessories Every Beginner Needs

You’ve done your research on smokers and purchased a great machine. So now you think you’re ready to start smoking some delicious meat, right?

You don’t want to jump the gun and end up with subpar results. That’s why alongside your smoker, you need to purchase some essential smoker accessories.

These accessories will make the smoking process quicker, safer, easier, and, perhaps most importantly, tastier.

smoker accessories


Wireless Meat Thermometer

Smoked meats can take a very long time to cook. And we aren’t talking an hour or so–it’s more 4 to 12 to even 24 hours.

Imagine having to go out to your smoker to check your meat’s temperature every 20 minutes for 12 hours. Even if that ended up being the best brisket in the world, those constant temperature checks would get aggravating real quick.

With a wireless meat thermometer, you can have easier and quality temperature control over the meat at all times. Best of all, you can monitor from wherever you are, which makes it one of the best smoker accessories out there.

A probe inserted into the meat transmits the information to a wireless device. It can be programmed to keep a certain temperature or stay on a certain time schedule. Some of these thermometers can also be customized based on the type of meat you’re smoking.

A wireless thermometer will allow you to actually enjoy the process of smoking instead of causing you to stress over constant temperature and timing. You could make some potato salad, watch the game, and take a dip in the pool, all while the wireless thermometer monitors your meat for you.

Not too shabby.

Bear Claws

Bear claws, also known as meat claws, look exactly how you’d think something named “bear claws” would look. They’re claws with handles that are designed to help you shred meat to make pulled pork, shredded chicken, etc.

But these claws are some of the best smoker accessories because of their versatility. They can easily shred meat, but they can also be used to:

  • Lift large roasts
  • Easily hold meat in place while it’s being cut/carved
  • Transfer meat in and out of the grill/smoker

This accessory is not only useful, but it also looks pretty cool. Who hasn’t pretended they’re Wolverine with these things at one point?

Well-made claws are easy to hold, resistant to high heat, and have handles that stay cool so you won’t burn your hands. These will help you in more ways than one as you get into smoking.

Large Tongs

Tongs are another key item you’ll want to pick up. Long, durable tongs will keep you from burning your hands and, just as importantly, keep you from dropping your precious smoked meat on the ground when it’s done.

Larger tongs have wider ends and good grip that will keep you from ruining your meal. A good grip is also important to keep you from dropping the tongs into hot coals or burning wood, neither of which would feel very good if you had to reach in yourself.

Be sure to get a good quality pair of tongs that won’t bend or break when picking up large chunks of meat.

Heat Resistant Gloves

While we’re on the topic of keeping yourself from being burned, heat resistant gloves are the next key accessory you’ll need.

Burns are something you’ll come to accept and even expect when it comes to cooking. But the high heat of grills, smokers, charcoal, and burning wood can cause serious burns that can permanently damage your skin. Even minor burns can be pretty painful.

Avoid the pain and protect your hands with heat resistant gloves. These types of grilling gloves can resist temperatures over 900 degrees Farenheight.

They also have built-in grip so you don’t have to worry about tongs or your smoked meat being too slippery to handle safely.


Getting a smoker takes a lot of research and a significant investment on your part. You don’t want to leave your new toy to be damaged by wind, rain, snow, animals, or dirt, do you?

Getting a cover might seem like a hassle, and it does have its downsides. Water can pool on the top, it can trap in unwanted moisture, and you have to wait until the smoker is completely cool before you put on.

But the pros of getting a smoker cover far outweigh the cons. Weather, animals, and other factors can seriously damage your smoker. After all the time and money you put into buying it, you want to keep it looking great and running well for as long as possible.


Frogmats are mesh wire mats that are useful for smoking smaller, more delicate foods in your smoker. These non-stick mats are perfect for smoking fish, vegetables, nuts, potatoes, fruit, and more.

The non-stick surface means the food won’t stick to the wire, which will keep the outside perfectly crisp. They’re super easy to clean and they won’t absorb any smells or particles from your food.

Frogmats are available in many sizes. You can have a small one for smoking things like nuts and onion rings, and some larger ones for smoking veggies, meats, and potatoes.

These Smoker Accessories Will Make Your Life Easier and Your Meat Tastier

Getting the smoker itself means the biggest part of smoking and preparing delicious meals is done. But that doesn’t mean you’re done looking for more toys and smoker accessories to better your smoking experience!

These smoker accessories will improve your overall safety, your smoking experience, and, of course, your recipes. You’ll be able to efficiently and safely handle hot items while making your life easier with bear claws and an automated thermometer.

If you’re looking for more tips, recipes, reviews, or information about smokers, check out our website. We’ve compiled lists and of the best products out there so you can know exactly what to buy for your smoking needs.

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