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how to keep pizza warm

Pizza is a delicacy consisting of flat bedded bread usually topped with cheese and various ingredients varying with the preference of the consumer. With its origin being traced back as a traditional dish in Italy, it has grown to be the most favorite and popular fast food in the world. Today’s pizza recipes have grown to accommodate every taste, preference, …

Essential Smoker Accessories Every Beginner Needs

smoker accessories

You’ve done your research on smokers and purchased a great machine. So now you think you’re ready to start smoking some delicious meat, right? You don’t want to jump the gun and end up with subpar results. That’s why alongside your smoker, you need to purchase some essential smoker accessories. These accessories will make the smoking process quicker, safer, easier, …

How To Use A Smoker grill

How to use a smoker grill

Smoker grills also known as horizontal smokers, barrel smokers, or pipe smokers control the process of smoking different kinds of foodstuffs. Smoker grills take quite long time to steam food in low temperatures. The slow method of cooking is responsible for food like meat. The available meat has to cook to the point of being dreamy, tender and fall-off-bone texture. …


how to use an electric smoker

You have brought an electric smoker for barbequing meats or smoking fishes. But , for barbequing like pro-chefs, you need to know how to operate an ELECTRIC SMOKER welly. When you bought an electric smoker, you surely have thought that how to use an electric smoker. Well, it is easy, and you can cook with it just following some simple …