How To Use an Electric Smoker

You have brought an electric smoker for barbequing meats or smoking fishes. But , for barbequing like pro-chefs, you need to know how to operate an ELECTRIC SMOKER welly. When you bought an electric smoker, you surely have thought that how to use an electric smoker. Well, it is easy, and you can cook with it just following some simple steps. So, I have prepared an instruction for you to make your barbequing easier.

I’ll give you instructions step by step to make your barbequing easier than before. Follow my steps, and then you can cook barbequing like a pro-chef.



how to use an electric smoker
If you are a beginner with ELECTRIC SMOKER, then you probably won’t know that you can’t just switch on you the smoker and start cooking. You have to turn on the smoker for at least two hours. Mostly electric smoker is of different kind and model, don’t worry, your instruction book has all the needed information.

For taking care of your electric smoker, firstly rinse any dust, solvent or other substances from the smoker, do it with a rag.And then coat it with oil to season it, I recommend. Then turn off your electric smoker for at least two hours and then it is ready for your use. After doing all these, you are ready to put your food into your smoker.




 how to use an electric smokerhow to use an electric smoker

When you have seasoned your smoker and turned it on for 1 or 2 hours, then you need to give your foods the final touch. You have to marinate your meat chunks, ribs or fishes for at least 12-16 hours. It is necessary because when the meat and spices remain for a longer time, the flavour gets absorbed into the meat. So, after the marinate put it in the fridge.

Before 2-hour from cooking take your food out of the refrigerator, season it and wait for the meat’s temperature to come normally.



how to use an electric smoker



When you have heated up your smoker and prepared the meat, then you are ready to put the meat in the smoker. Never set the temperature high from the beginning. Start with a low temperature and hour to hour, increase it. It will cook the meat slowly with developing the best flavour inside it.

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Woods plays a very significant role in smoking foods or barbecuing. It adds a very classic woody flavour to your food. Most of the smoker comes with a wood tray but if your one doesn’t, don’t worry. You can take a can, put words in it and keep it on the rack of your smoker. There are different kind of woods for smoking in the market. Some give you a sweet flavor, and some give a woody taste, and some are too fragrant. So, putting woods in the smoker is necessary.

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It is not ended yet! You can’t just put the meat, set the timer and walk away! You have to keep an eye on the smoker. My review on Masterbuilt 20075315 and most of the smokers have a glass door so you can monitor it easily. You have to put a thermometer to see the temperature and the moist, etc.

Keep decreasing the temperature when the meat is cooked well enough and doesn’t turn the smoker off at once. And keep the food in the smoker that will enhance the woody flavor.

Well, it is all. I think this procedure will be going to help you a lot in using an electric smoker. It is way too much easy. So, don’t worry now you don’t have to think how to use an electric smoker because just follow the simple steps and you can cook your meat delicious. So, follow it and get delicious meat.Happy barbecuing.


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