Top 7 Best Charcoal Chimney Starters Always

Getting a charcoal chimney starter in the market is not a big deal, the challenge is getting the best chimney starter. The world we live in today is full of entrepreneurs, and with it comes a lot of products being introduced in our markets with every passing day. Not that this is a bad thing, the bad thing is that not all the products are genuine, some are fake and will not work for you. Coming back to charcoal chimney starters, you will find thousands of them in the market and their online description. But remember this, everyone is out there to make a living, don’t let them make a living by conning you of your hard earned money! We write this informative article on top 7 best charcoal chimney starter review to help you make an informed decision as you head to the market to buy a chimney starter.


1. Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter


Weber Rapidfire is a charcoal chimney starter that has been manufactured by Weber. Aluminized steel is the material that has been used to make this starter making it a durable charcoal starter. It has a thermoplastic handle that ensures that your charcoal starter is cool and easy to handle.

The design of Weber Rapidfire is very simple. It is made up of a hollow cylinder that is made up of metal. Both ends of the metal cylinder have holes and a wire grate, which is small in size is available inside the charcoal starter. The coals take around ten minutes to light, however, it might take longer depending on the weather. The top most coals turn grey and some ash is produced when the coals get ready for cooking. You are now ready to pour your coals on your charcoal smoker.

After you have put the coals on your grill, ensure that your Weber Rapidfire is placed somewhere safe to avoid accidents or burns since it is very hot at this point.


  • Weber Rapidfire is capable of accommodating a lot of charcoal due to its large size. This means that you don’t need to keep on adding charcoal from time to time.
  • Weber Rapidfire is one of the easiest chimney starters to use. It comes with a user guide that is easy to follow and understand.
  • Easy to handle with the thermoplastic handle that keeps it cool and so you don’t have to fear of burns or overheating.
  • A lighter cuber or just a newspaper can be used to light the cubes. This means that it is very easy to light. However, lighter cubes are the best to use.


  • The only shortcoming of this charcoal starter is that you have to use a newspaper when lighting it. This means that you have to deal with the newspaper ash and know how to get rid of it.


2. Weber 7447 Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber 7447 Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter


If you like lighting your coals faster, then Weber Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter is made specifically for you. You just need to put your coals in the chimney starter. The coals should be placed on the charcoal starter cubes or just newspapers. Weber Compact Rapidfire is advantageous due to its cone shape which makes charcoal ignition faster. It also has an ergonomic handle which is big in size. The charcoal starter is relatively small in size and also very light weighing around 1.7 pounds. Weber Compact Rapidfire is very distinguishable from the others due to its grey colour.


  • Very easy to light Weber Compact Rapidfire– Unlike many other charcoal starters, Weber Compacts saves you a lot of time due to its cone shape structure that makes it very easy to light the charcoal. The shape exposes more of the charcoal to the flame thus speeding up the ignition.
  • Easy to handle– Weber Compact is just made with the user in mind. It has been equipped with an ergonomic handle that makes it very easy to handle and carry around.
  • It is big enough– Weber Compact is also a very big charcoal starter and this ensures that you can go through all your cooking without the fear of running out of charcoal.
  • No need for the lighter fluid– This charcoal starter lights very fast and does not need any lighter fluid. Therefore, expenses associated with the lighter fluid are minimized and also, the food does not get the annoying smell associated with the lighter fluid.


  • Although Weber Compact is a perfect charcoal starter, it is not very suitable for very big charcoal jobs. It is difficult to keep the charcoal burning for too long. It is also relatively small as compared to the Weber Rapidfire which carries more charcoal.


3. GrillPro 39470 Chimney Style Charcoal Starter

GrillPro 39470 Chimney Style Charcoal Starter


Your search for a charcoal starter that requires no starter fluid is over! Grillpro 39470 Chimney Style Charcoal Starter is one of the few charcoal starters that light without needing this fluid. It is made more strong by the rolled edges and hence more durable. GrillPro 39470 Chimney Starter is not very heavy as it weighs just around two pounds. It is therefore very easy to carry around and handle. It is manufactured by the GrillPro manufacturers. They are known for their long lasting products, especially the charcoal starters. It has holes on its body that allows it to move in and circulate making the ignition much faster.


  • No need for a starter fluid– GrillPro 39470 Chimney Style Charcoal Starter, unlike many other charcoal starters does not require any starter fluid. This means that you don’t have to deal with the extra hassles associated with starter fluids.
  • Big enough– Griipro 39470 holds a relatively big amount of charcoal. It is capable of holding around two pounds of coal and hence you can be assured of quality services from this charcoal starter.
  • Lights faster– Just like Weber Compact, this charcoal starter barely takes ten minutes to light. It is time sensitive and hence preferred by many.


  • The only disadvantage of this charcoal starter is that it requires electricity as it uses an electric charcoal starter. This means that you might not be able to use it when there is no power.


4. Weber 7417 FireStarters Lighter Cubes

Weber 7417 FireStarters Lighter Cubes



Looking for a faster and environment-friendly charcoal starter? Then Weber 7417 Firestarters Lighter Cubes is the solution. Lighter Cubes are few of the charcoal starters that lights even during windy or wet environments. At the end of the whole process, you are left with an ash-free environment!


  • Suitable for any environment– Most of the charcoal starters will not light on some environments, however, lighter cubes works even in windy and wet environments. The cubes always ignite and then lights the other charcoals.
  • Environment sensitive– Lighter Cubes are very environment-friendly in that, you don’t have to worry about the ashes at the end of the process. Ash can be disastrous if not well disposed of.
  • No smelly food– Lighter Cubes don’t use the lighter fluid. This means that you get sweet food, that is free from the smell of the lighter fluid.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities– Weber Lighter Cube can be used for both indoor and outdoor operations. This is because it is environmentally friendly and does not produce any significant smoke. All that is needed is proper ventilation of the room it is being used in.


  • The only shortcoming of this product is that the lighter cubes tend to dry after the pack has been opened. However, a freezer bag is provided to try and deal with this problem.


5. BBQ Dragon

BBQ Dragon


BBQ Dragon is another best and interesting charcoal starter. It has an elbow which is 90 degree which allows air to flow in. Its design is very attractive and of very high quality. A very powerful fan can be attached to this starter allowing air to flow in, lighting your coals. It has a USB port that allows re-charging of this charcoal starter.


  • Allows extra air in– BBQ Dragon charcoal starter has an elbow that allows extra air to flow in. This extra airspeed the ignition and hence saves you time and energy.
  • Allows you to attach a BBQ Dragon fan to the starter– BBQ Dragon allows you to attach a fan to it. The fan increases the temperature of your charcoal and hence, you only take a short time to cook.
  • Handles– BBQ Dragon charcoal starter has ergonomic handles that are found outside the grill. This ensures that the handles are always cool and hence no worry of burns or accidents.
  • Regulated air flow– BBQ Dragon has a speed motor that can be adjusted to vary the amount of air flowing in. This means that you can regulate the amount of temperature depending on your needs.
  • Discharge grills– BBQ Dragon has discharge and also some inlet grills. The grills ensure that any material that is not needed can always be removed from the grill.


  • The main shortcoming of this charcoal starter is that it requires you to buy the fan if you want it to work much better than the other fans.


6. Char-Griller Chimney Starter

Char-Griller Chimney Starter


Char-Griller is a charcoal starter made up of galvanized steel and with a solid handle. It is one of the best and unique charcoal starters in the market. It has a trigger that is patented. You use the trigger to place your coals at the exact point where you need them to be.


  • Heat shield– Char-Griller has an added protection feature in that it has a heat shield that prevents it from overheating. This keeps the user safe and secure.
  • The starter is also coated and hence you can handle it without using any glove.
  • Metal grate– This product has a metal grate that ensures that the flame and temperatures are evenly spread out on the charcoal.


  • The main disadvantage of this product is that it requires frequent removal of debris in the chimney to allow the flow of air.


7. Charcoal Companion Charcoal Starter

Charcoal Companion Charcoal Starter


Finally, last on our list is the best Charcoal Companion Starter. It is another starter that does not require a lighter fluid and it is also very safe for the environment. You can place around four to five pounds of charcoal on this starter hence no frequent adding of charcoal.


  • No need for a lighter fluid– Charcoal companion lights very fast and hence there is no need for a lighter fluid.
  • Has a wooden handle– Charcoal Companion has a wooden handle that protects the user from burning.
  • Firm grip– Charcoal Companion has a wooden hard handle that ensures a firm grip. This makes it safe as you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your hand.


  • It requires electricity and hence may not work when there is a power outage.


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