Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker Front Controller, 30-Inch Review

Smoking is one of the most preferred methods of cooking meals that has been in constant use for a long time now. If you think back, smoking meat was one of the main methods that our forefathers used to prepare their meals. Therefore, it would be safe if we just said that our appetites for smoked meats have only been passed on from one generation to the other, which is why it’s no surprise to come across people gobbling up smoked meats even when they aren’t holding a gathering. Luckily for us, technology has changed the way we do certain things, smoking food being one of them.

Smokers have become revolutionary products in the cooking sector since they have eliminated the need for smoke and fire to have smoke-flavored meals. Besides, they have been crafted in a method that brings out their efficiency in the best manner, with the result being a rich and irresistible taste. However, even as we appreciate the usefulness of smokers, you need to choose the best, for a perfect taste and probably a few things to consider should get you going.

Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smokermasterbuilt 20078715 electric smoker reviews

Masterbuilt smokers are some of the well-known smokers in terms of delivering quality results without demanding too much from the user. This smoker from Masterbuilt is one of those that feature a modern design and control system, which eliminates guessing out of your cooking, assuring you nothing less of quality.

The 50 pounds heavy smoker measuring 32.13 x 16.93 x 19.69 inches offers you a cooking space of 721 sq inches, or if you may like, a cooking capacity of 1.736 cu ft. In the cooking cabinet, of the smoker are four chrome-coated racks which allow you to place more food, meaning that you can prepare a meal to feed a small group without struggling to cook the food in turns.

As for the heating, an 800-watt electric heating element has been fitted into the smoker to allow you to supply constant heat to your food so that it cooks evenly. You don’t have to worry about the heat control, as the smoker features a highly effective thermostat temperature control to enable even cooking from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

To bring in accuracy when cooking, a digital system that monitors various conditions such as heat and time is fitted to the system, with a blue LED display showing the information. The best feature with the digital control is that the LED display is readable even in direct sunlight.

As for the cleanliness of the smoker, a front access drip pan has been fitted so that you all you need to do is pull out the drip pan and empty the contents. An inner lining is also featured in the smoker, and it works efficiently in keeping the steam inside, the smoker, allowing for efficient cooking.


  • The smoker is easy to use, assemble and manage.
  • The smoker has a “set and forgets” feature that allows you to place your food inside the smoker, set the temperature and leave the smoker to take care of the time and temperature. You don’t have to keep on looking every few minutes to ensure that the temperature is still constant.
  • It has a large cooking area, with removable grills, to allow cooking of larger items.


  • The smoker is hard to move around and transport as it has no wheels.
  • The smoker does not have a meat probe.

Considerations when buying this smoker:

  1. Loading design: Loading a smoker can be done in two main ways; from the bottom, or from the front. Choosing a smoker that uses the front-loading design is the best way to enhance efficiency unlike where you place your foods into the smoker from the top.
  2. Door design: A smoker that has separate doors for the lower part of the cooking cabinet and cooking chamber allows you to check on the water or wood chips without having to lose any smoke or heat. The one thing you ensure is that the doors have sealed tightly.
  3. Construction quality: Like most devices, various smokers have varying build qualities, and that means that some may be better than others. When buying a smoker, you may decide to consider the quality, even though it all depends on how you will use your smoker, and the budget you have set aside. A better budget could get you a smoker with a high-quality construction.
  4. Modification: At times, you may need some allowance for little adjustments here and there, and for such cases, go for a smoker that allows you to do that.
  5. Stability: Depending on where you intend to use your smoker from, stability may be a major consideration or not. For places that have harsh conditions such as strong winds, get a highly stable smoker to prevent it from falling over.
  6. Mobility: For those of you who may want to move their smoker too and fro storage rooms in their houses, you may want to consider a highly mobile smoker so that moving is not an issue.
  7. Adjustable racks: Are you planning to smoke large chunks of meat or huge birds like turkeys? If so, plan to buy a smoker that has adjustable racks so that you don’t have to worry about the height.
  8. Warranty: This is something you cannot leave out since you are working with a mechanical device. A smoker can fail just like any other machine, and in such an event, you need to be covered by a warranty, especially during the first or second year of use. As such, get a smoker whose manufacturer offers a good warranty.

Away from the basics that one needs to consider, let’s have a review of one of the best smokers which might need to try out if you’re craving for a great taste:


Many smokers in the market offer quality results, but if you are interested in getting perfect results, go for the Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker as it’s simply a definition of what a modern and classic smoker can do. One of the major benefits is that it automates most of the things for you so that you won’t have to keep on checking on the food every now and then.

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